Thursday, 25 July 2013

Malayan Tigers 1 - 4 Chelsea FC XD

The Blues are back !
For the second time to Malaysia .
I was so excited when hearing the news that they were coming to town for a friendly match against Malaysia XI .

The Blues will travel to three country for their Asia Tour 2013 which was Thailand ( They won 0-1 against Singha All-Stars , Thanks to Lukaku's penalty) , Malaysia XI and lastly , BNI Indonesia All-Stars at Jakarta

The friendly game was awesome .
First goal was scored by Bernard Traore , 18 years old youngster who was in trial with the team .
He scored with a simple touch yet delightful after picking up an amazing assist by Kevin De Bruyne from the left edge of the field .
An amazing half-volley from 20 yards was smashed towards the back of the post for the second goal by De Bruyne's left footed kick after Romelu Lukaku flicked the ball to him but eventually he had to come out because of his injuries .
The third goal came from a tricky pass by Bernard Traore after Romelu Lukaku managed to beat the offside trap to convert a lovely placing shot towards the by post .

The first half ended with Malayan Tigers 0-3 The Blues .

The second half started with a different formation and players as Mourinho wanted to use all of the remaining substitutes .
Malaysia XI indeed gave a good fight from the start where they were always looking for space to create more goal opportunities but The Blues's physical strength was more superior than they had expected .
Victor moses scored the fourth goal for the away team as he dribbles along side of the byline which makes the defender to lose his balance and was blamed for the lack of defensive spirit .

As the time went through the extra time , there was a glimpse of hope from the home team as Safiq Rahim's freekick was parried by Petr Cech but it was not good enough for him as Fadhli Shah with the flying header smashed the ball towards the opposite team .
The whole crowd was overjoyed with the consolation goal from the young Malaysian central defender .

Full time : Malayan Tigers 1-4 The Blues .

Both team gave a good fight but The Blues managed to create more creativity in the midfield which leads to the final scoreline .
I have to say that Rajagobal's team did overcame the pressure from the away team as they tried to compete with them even though the differences can be seen by their body size and upper body strength .
I am proud with the way of the home team gave their highest performance for the game and they didn't let us down .

So here are some of the photos during the friendly game .
I hope that The Blues will come to Malaysia again to appreciate their Malaysian fans around the country .
In Mourinho We Trust .

Monday, 8 July 2013

Ignorance is painful .

It hurts as you are expecting it
Yet it ignores you for not who you are
For whom to be feeling so
Yet it would be painful to be desired

Reality lies beneath you
As a terrible dream to be judged
For the truth to be seeking so
As it would be miserable to be told

Ignorance is bliss
Raising glass for the lies
Time to be fooled
Wait for a miracle to happen .

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pffffttt ! You're out !

Yes , It's officially .
I have become a registered official referee under FIT Touch Malaysia .
I know you guys don't have any clues right ?
What is FIT Touch mean?

FIT stands for Federation of International Touch  which is the international ruling body for the sport Touch (rugby).
It operates just like other international sporting body with countries joining as members and by supporting and servicing their member's requirements and developing their sport internationally .
Malaysia is one of the countries that joins FIT as an affiliating member known as Touch Malaysia (TM) .

You guys might be familiar with rugby , the hardcore tackle sport that can break your bones and crack your heads but this one is totally different that the usual rugby sport
As far as we know , we usually see full body contact in rugby sport as we called rugby union .
Touch rugby or we usually refer to Touch , which player do not tackle , high physically way but instead touch their opponents using their hands or any part of the body, clothing or the ball .

Sounds safe and no need for life insurance right ?
It's very safe to play as you can have mixed gender in your team .
If you familiar with rugby , it would be easier for you to play because touch rugby frequently used for training drill in rugby union but now they want to make it an international sport so that anyone can play it .

On 22 June 2013 , My friend , Fuad and I went to Garden International School at Mount Kiara for Level 1 Referee Badge Course that conducted by FIT Touch Malaysia .
It took us about one hour and a half to get there because we lost our track on our way there but luckily we managed to be there on time .
The course was conducted by Mr. B Lester , an experienced Level 6 referee badge holder from Australia .

We had one theory class about referee rules and regulation from 0900 till 1300 pm non-stop which drove us crazy .
I thought only Malaysian was joining the course and I was wrong because there were people from UK and Japan to name a few with us too .
We missed our breakfast and about to miss our lunch because we need to attend for our referee assessment on 1330 pm .
It was my bad day for not bringing any tracksuit for the assessment so I just wearing my jean for the whole day .

For the referee assessment , we need to follow all the referee signs and rules in order to pass the course with flying colours .
Referee team VS Scorpions Putrajaya Sports Club .
Yeah , that was our assessment .
We'll rotate for our turns and conducted the assessment at the same time .
It was quite fun and tiring to play and official the match but it was a good experience for all of us .

Pleasant day for all of us as we passed the course finally .
As the course ended , there were 35 qualified and registered referee under FIT Touch Malaysia in the country including me .
We need more Malaysian referee so we can manage and official any tournament to its highest quality same goes to the other sports .
Oh if you still don't get the idea of playing touch rugby , just click on the video below .
Who knows we might be competing each other soon .

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Now you see me ... Nah you don't

You don't see nothing yet
That's the part where you just being tricked by The Four Horsemen
The story told us about how the four modern magicians in our time did an amazing illusion in their act
For their action, they were being chased down by a group of FBI and Interpol agent for robbing a bank from Paris to Las Vegas in just 30 seconds.

I did a research for the movie and found out that the lead roles were supposed to be a much older actors such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jim Carrey, Sacha Baron Cohen, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth but they decided to go for younger leads.

It was a very tricky movie
Some of the reviewers said that if you have a low IQ, don't waste your money for this movie
Don't take it too lightly because I figured out that the movie was quite puzzled if you don't focus your intention from the beginning till the ending as it twisted along the way.

"First rule of magic : Always be the smartest person in the room"
-J. Daniel Atlas-

You watched the movie first then you know why.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Champions of Europe

We are officially conquering the Europe !
Paint all The Blues flags around the region !
It was a fantastic night for Rafa's boys .
All the credits to the manager and the players for keeping hope alive to lift Europa League Trophy at Amsterdam .

Without Eden Hazard , who was injured that shadowing his chances to play for the final , we managed to overcome the lack of creativity with Ramires and Oscar on the both flanks .
As usual , Nando as the main Advanced Forward to launch full scale attack .
The Living Blues Legend , Lamps covered the midfield with his joining force , David Luiz .
Gary Cahill and Branislav Ivanovic as the fortress of our heart of defensive guardian , accompanied by Azpilicueta and Ashley Cole .

I didn't watch the game because I couldn't get up early for the live event .
Darn it .
At least I woke up with lady luck smile ;)
I wouldn't surprised seeing The Blues waved their winning medals and trophy because they deserved it .

I had to admit that Rafa was really did a good job with his tactical rotating squad .
He kept the team fresh and energize even though Chelsea FC only got around 18 players that fit to play .
Amazingly and respect to Rafa .

Funny thing that happened at that night was John Terry .
After Ivanovic scored the winning goal with his powerful header on top of the bar at the brink of the injury time , he quickly changed his suits to his jersey as he thought his team will win it and he was right .

Well , Congratulations to Chelsea for winning the major European trophy simultaneously twice in two years .
 Oh ! We have to give the credits to Benfica too because they were sure put a good fight ;)



Monday, 6 May 2013

A honesty lie

It may prevail as what as it not meant to be
But you would notice it as wise as you think
As clever as you are
It just gone uncertainly 

It may gloom as big as it could be
But you could tell it as fast as you can
As proud as you are
It just blind you modestly

It may hide as long as it can
But you would find it as better as you would be
As good as you are
It just fooled you absurdly

It may lie as many as it want to be
But you could face it as brave as you could be
As bright as you are
It just tricked you honestly .

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"You're looking damn good Mr. president but I think I need my suit back'

If you watched it already , then you knew the quotes right ?
Amazing ! Best giler ! rugi tak tengok ! bla bla bla !
It was a big news that spreading all over the world about the new upcoming action packed film
The pundits even the critics rated the film almost 5 stars rating for its reviews .

Last Saturday , my lil sister and I was watching the film in 3D with my friends .
It started at 2345 pm .
It was quite late because we wanted to book it online but because of the inconvenient so-called-traffic jam on the TGV Cinema website so we couldn't make it .
At first , we went to JUSCO and booked it for 3 people . Me , my lil sister and my cousin , Hannah .
By the time that we booked maybe it was quite late to midnight , Hannah couldn't join us so I called my friend , Ameer , a member of Elastic Crew who about to enter the Showdown Audition 2013 this weekend .

The queue . gosh . Congestion of people !
I have to wait about 15 minutes to get to my turns =='
We were being force by our thoughts to watch it in 3D because all the hall was full .
I was a little surprised when the cashier gave me the 3D spectacles .
Then I asked him .

Me : If I bought other 3D films and I bring this , I just have to pay for the 3D film right?
The cashier : No sir , you have to buy another one because you paid for it too .
Me : *Confused* then what's the point of giving me this ?
The cashier : haha sorry sir . I don't know .
Me : Well , I don't blame you for not knowing that .

From my point of view , they could fix the price for the 3D film only if you are already buy the spectacles .
No need to collect them all unless it comes with different colours or designs LOL .

I have to admit it but IRONMAN 3 was surprisingly damn good !
How they twisted the plots . The jokes . The storyline . Amazingly action packed film !
I don't want to give you any spoilers or anything so what are you waiting for ?
Oh , I nearly forget to mention that there was a secret scene after the long credit .
If you want to 'get as much as you pay for' .
Wait to your seat till the end ;)