Thursday, 25 July 2013

Malayan Tigers 1 - 4 Chelsea FC XD

The Blues are back !
For the second time to Malaysia .
I was so excited when hearing the news that they were coming to town for a friendly match against Malaysia XI .

The Blues will travel to three country for their Asia Tour 2013 which was Thailand ( They won 0-1 against Singha All-Stars , Thanks to Lukaku's penalty) , Malaysia XI and lastly , BNI Indonesia All-Stars at Jakarta

The friendly game was awesome .
First goal was scored by Bernard Traore , 18 years old youngster who was in trial with the team .
He scored with a simple touch yet delightful after picking up an amazing assist by Kevin De Bruyne from the left edge of the field .
An amazing half-volley from 20 yards was smashed towards the back of the post for the second goal by De Bruyne's left footed kick after Romelu Lukaku flicked the ball to him but eventually he had to come out because of his injuries .
The third goal came from a tricky pass by Bernard Traore after Romelu Lukaku managed to beat the offside trap to convert a lovely placing shot towards the by post .

The first half ended with Malayan Tigers 0-3 The Blues .

The second half started with a different formation and players as Mourinho wanted to use all of the remaining substitutes .
Malaysia XI indeed gave a good fight from the start where they were always looking for space to create more goal opportunities but The Blues's physical strength was more superior than they had expected .
Victor moses scored the fourth goal for the away team as he dribbles along side of the byline which makes the defender to lose his balance and was blamed for the lack of defensive spirit .

As the time went through the extra time , there was a glimpse of hope from the home team as Safiq Rahim's freekick was parried by Petr Cech but it was not good enough for him as Fadhli Shah with the flying header smashed the ball towards the opposite team .
The whole crowd was overjoyed with the consolation goal from the young Malaysian central defender .

Full time : Malayan Tigers 1-4 The Blues .

Both team gave a good fight but The Blues managed to create more creativity in the midfield which leads to the final scoreline .
I have to say that Rajagobal's team did overcame the pressure from the away team as they tried to compete with them even though the differences can be seen by their body size and upper body strength .
I am proud with the way of the home team gave their highest performance for the game and they didn't let us down .

So here are some of the photos during the friendly game .
I hope that The Blues will come to Malaysia again to appreciate their Malaysian fans around the country .
In Mourinho We Trust .

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